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Engagement Ring Fun!

It is a ridiculous -3° with -30° windchill outside here in Chicago. The perfect opportunity to snuggle up at home… and whip out my Canon PS SD750 for some ring shot fun, thanks to a series of great tips from WeddingbeePro, Anne Ruthmann! If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out her post about How to Take Amazing Engagement and Wedding Ring Photos. When previously attempting my own ring shots, I always made the mistake of keeping the ring on my finger. That’s no-no #1! Here’s a brief overview of her tips, but definitely read her post for full details:

1. Take Off Your Ring
2. Find a Cool Background or Set Up
3. Find Good Light
4. Set it up
5. Set Your Camera to Macro Mode
6. Get Closer
7. Just Shoot It
8. Edit
9. Share it with the World!

In my excitement to shoot, I missed her helpful tip (#4) about different ways to keep the ring standing up with tape or glue dots. So most of my shots are of the ring lying down and now I am too lazy (and cold) to set everything up again. I also couldn’t fully follow tip #6 about having the ring take up no less than HALF the LCD screen. Everytime I tried that, it got too blurry!   But I can’t wait to play with more ideas when the inspiration hits.

The ring sitting in a gorgeous flowering kale, leftover from last weekends wedding.

Sweetchic Events Engagement Ring 1

Inside the flap of my LV, yummy raspberry suede.
Sweetchic Events Engagement Ring 2

The same shot in B&W… it plays up the vintage quality of the ring, no?
Sweetchic Events Engagement Ring 3

On top of a peacock feather, leftover from Adrienne & Tedd’s wedding.
Sweetchic Events Engagement Ring 4

The mister suggested this shot… love it! That’s one of our framed wedding photos.
Sweetchic Events Engagement Ring 5

Your turn!

A Serious Case of Closet Envy

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with weddings, but I just had to post pics of this beyond fabulous closet belonging to Nicole Balch, posted on her charming blog, Making it Lovely.

Making It Lovely Closet 1

Making It Lovely Closet 2

Making It Lovely Closet 3

Nicole’s closet layout, its actually a freestanding wardrobe piece from IKEA.

Making It Lovely Closet layout 4

Did I mention my closet envy?? Sooo many purdy patterns, dresses and the SHOES!! Accessories!!

Le sigh! I am so inspired…

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Well lookie here! The other day I received an advance issue of the Brides Chicago magazine, Spring/Summer edition…


And as I flipped through my wedding p*rn, my mouth dropped WIDE open when I landed on page 130 and saw some really familar pictures…


Let’s have a closer look, shall we?


It’s Natalie & Jake, my couple who got married on September 6 at Cafe Brauer, with a gorgeous three-page spread! Natalie is also fellow Weddingbee blogger, Mrs. Peacock.


I’m so excited for them. What an amazing way to remember their wedding in 5, 10… 20 years! Forever in print!

Oh, and how/why did I get an advance issue of the magazine in the first place? My first piece of real (teeny, tiny) advertising… yeah, it’s small.


There I am!