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Guide to Wedding Chairs

**PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT RENT CHAIRS** We are merely offering a guide to what types are chair are available through other rental companies and typical for weddings.

Don’t laugh… yes, this is a post about chairs! More often than not, brides care a wee bit about the chairs their guests will sit on (for a mere 3 – 4 hours) at their wedding. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but in terms of aesthetics, chairs can make a difference! Here is a glossary of chair options in order of their affordability, at least in the Chicago area.

This is typically the type of chair that is included with many hotel and venue packages. Quite a tragedy in my opinion… the ones pictured below are actually halfway decent! I’ve seen some horrendous ones in my day…
Banquet-Chair-Beige Gold banquet chair blue pattern banquet chair blue gold
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I admit, that spandex cover on the left kinda scares me! But, when done right, chair covers make the typical banquet chair a little more presentable.
spandex white chair cover White_banquet_chair_cover brown aqua sash chair cover
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These folding chairs are available in a variety of colors and are especially popular for outdoor ceremonies. They would work well in a rustic, more casual venue. For example, they would not look quite right in an upscale hotel, but would look perfectly at home in a loft/warehouse space.
Wood-Folding-Chair-mahagony- Wood-Folding-Chair-White Wood-Folding-Chair-Wood-Natural
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I like these chairs as much as I like the chiavari chair (see below)
Fruitwood Versailles Chair Gold Versailles Chair
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The classic, ubiquitous wedding chair that many brides lust after (not an exaggeration in many cases, I confess I did too!). Available in many colors and sometimes two types of padding – the one on the far left is more like a harder pad versus the other two which are cushion-like. They are called different things by different companies, so be sure to check what your rental company offers.
Chiviari-Chair-white chair pad ChiavariChair-Mahogany BlackChiavari chair cushion
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These are sleek and sexy and would look fabulous in a more contemporary setting! Rental is costly but if you can swing it…
Silver chameleon chair gold chameleon chair Gold Chameleon chair bella braid Mahogony Chameleon chair bella fleur
All chairs from CPR

Ahhh, the ghost chair is coveted not only for weddings, but also for home decor! I’ve never actually requested a quote for these, but I’ve heard that they rent for upwards of $50 a chair… rent! But they are spectacular…
aerogel-ghost-chair-001 black ghost chair
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What kind of chairs will you have for your wedding, or was it even a point of concern?


Peony Experiment – Part 2

Four weeks ago, I decided to test a theory about storing peony buds in the fridge that I saw on the Martha Stewart Show. If you missed it, see the original post here.

BEFORE: Tight buds stored in the fridge


SUNDAY: Took 6 peonies out of the fridge, cut the bottom of each stem and placed in a vase. This picture was taken an hour after they were taken out. You can see the peony on the right is already unfurling! Exciting :)


MONDAY: That same peony has exploded! If you look closely, you’ll notice the petals are slightly wrinkly and not as perfect as a peony picked straight from the garden. The other buds have definitely bloomed a bit more as well.

TUESDAY: After about 48 hours, it looks like this is as much as they are going to bloom! Although the one in the middle is really trying it’s best…


Success? I dunno… not a complete failure I suppose! Some people like the look of these fluffy heads that aren’t quite fully bloomed because they are still lovely!

I’ll still try the same tests at the 2, 3 and 6 month marks and keep you posted!


A Murder Mystery Wedding

As I mentioned last week, my clients Stephanie and Chris who got married at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, were not the dancing type. In fact, they preferred not to be the center of attention, a difficult feat on your wedding day! So we contacted The Murder Mystery Co. to create a wedding reception unlike one any of their guests had ever attended!

Since it was a small wedding of under 70 guests, Stephanie and Chris opted for the Small Party Package which included two actors for an hour and half to two hour interactive show. And by “interactive” I mean that willing guests were given costumes, props and a brief summary of their character. I think the success of this type of quirky wedding reception is really dependent on your guest-list…. luckily there were a number of hams in the audience who really got into their parts, and thus the show was entertaining for all!

Lead MMC actor, Justin, playing the role of the mullet-rocking, handle-bar mustache wearing, Flavor Flav-wannabe Best Man… who was later murdered. Dun dun duuuuuun. He later reappears as the Detective investigating the crime.

murdermystery  010

The guy on the left in the pale blue vest is Chris’ best man, and his role for the evening was that of the Groom. He. was. HILARIOUS; they couldn’t have picked a better, more willing participant. The gentleman on the far right in the top hat and pale green shirt was dubbed the CSI investigator, and he had an absolute ball with his part, which he took very seriously! The Bride in the center was also part of the MMC duo, and she was adorable.

murdermystery  004

murdermystery  009

murdermystery  007

If looks could kill…

murdermystery  006

*GASP* The Best Man is dead!

murdermystery  003

murdermystery  002

murdermystery  008

“M’am, can you please tell me what you saw?”

murdermystery  001

All images by Steve Koo Photography

I wasn’t at all sure what to expect as this was my very first Murder Mystery! But MMC was awesome, I would definitely suggest this to any couple looking for untraditional wedding entertainment!