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TIP: Alphabetize Your Escort Cards

Brides… please, for the love of all things wedding, PLEASE alphabetize your escort cards! Escort cards (you know those thingies that indicate to your guests which table they are seated at for dinner) need to be pre-sorted by last name of the guest and NOT sorted by table number.

And if your escort cards are not cards at all, but something completely untraditional such as bud vases, hanging tags, seed packets, potted plants, or whatnot, sort them into small, manageable groupings and clearly label them as such, “A – F, G – M, N – T, U – Z” (again, by last name of the guests).

The person who is setting this up for you will love you for it, whether it be your catering manager or your wedding coordinator or your friend Susie. Otherwise he/she will be tearing their hair out if they have 20 minutes to sort through 200 names in haphazard order while guests start streaming in. Not good!

For example, if you opt to do something cool like this pic below for your escort cards (potted basil, love it!), you should delicately place all plants for guests with last names starting with A – F (or whatever) into a box or carton in some semblance of order, and then label the box A – F. Easy peasy!

K. Holly Photography via Snippet and Ink

purple frame escort cards
Natalie Norton Photography via Amorology

Oooooh, rocks are tough! It’s hard to keep them in order! In this case, you would make the groupings even smaller, perhaps placing rocks with last names A – E into a small bag, and so on, and then keeping the bags in order… very important!

escort card table black rocks
Heather Elizabeth Photography via The Bride’s Cafe

This version of the escort card table below is actually one of my favorite types of escort cards: mini envelopes with the table number indicated on a matching card slipped inside the envelope. This makes it super easy to make last minute table changes since you only have to switch out the inside card instead of re-writing the whole card. Voila! By the way, who says your table numbers literally have to be numbers?? Your tables can be named after anything you choose… favorite books, cities you’ve visited together, local landmarks… the sky is the limit!

Jen Kroll Photography via Pearls Events

What are you doing for your escort cards?


AMAZING Sale on AA Flights to Hawaii!

(From Chicago, Washington DC, or Denver)

Want to plan a destination wedding in Hawaii but not sure how many of your guests will be able to afford the airfare? or…

You’re invited to a Hawaiian destination wedding but don’t want to shell out $800+ for airfare? or…

Still mulling over your honeymoon destination?

Look no further!! currently has an amazing sale on flights to Hawaii! I tested out some dates last night, and came up with $399 for a ROUND TRIP, NON-STOP flight to Honolulu including taxes and fees (ORD –> HNL). Wow. Just, WOW! Plus there is apparently a 10% off AA coupon code floating around on the internets which brings your grand total to $363… which means, Helloooo Hawaii! You can book for next month or next year, still on sale! I haven’t checked other cities, but maybe they are on sale too!

Imagine yourself here:

Hawaii sunset
Image Source

Image Source

We’re headed to Hawaii in 3 weeks for a destination wedding, but we booked our tickets with Frequent Flier miles. Would have loved to take advantage of this deal though! Thanks to my friend A, who sent me the link about this amazing deal!

Are you considering it?


The Reception Dress

Yes, you spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on your wedding dress. So why would you spend money on another dress to wear during your reception? I admit, it may not be the most practical idea, but who says you have to be practical on your wedding day?! :) The main reason I support getting a second Reception Dress is: Comfort! I’m sure your wedding gown is beautiful, but for many of you, it’s probably heavy, hot, and perhaps a bit constricting. You want the freedom to move around, relax and dance!

It certainly doesn’t have to be an expensive designer dress. Department stores are a sure-fire place to find the perfect white gown. Also considering finding a bridesmaids dress that comes in white or ivory, although keep in mind you’ll need to order at least 3 – 4 months in advance if going the bridesmaid dress route.

TIP: If you are unsure of when to change into Dress #2, consider waiting until after your First Dance and Father/Daughter dance (so that you can do those in your Wedding Dress) and change once the dance floor is open and in full swing.

Here are some fab dresses I found online that won’t break the bank!

This one is sooooo sassy!

image image
JS Sequin Sheath Dress, Nordstrom, $138

image image
Adrianna Papell One Shoulder Ruched Rosette Dress, Nordstrom, $188

image image
BCBG Strapless Applique Dress, Nordstrom, $398

image image
JS Boutique Pearl Trim Crisscross Matte Jersey Gown, Nordstrom, $178

image image
Silk Tricotine Sophia Gown, JCrew, $119!!!!!!!!

This dress is SO lovely, I would wear it for my whole wedding (if I could actually pull it off, which I can’t) and never want to take it off :)
image image
Chiffon & Organza Dune Gown, JCrew, $850

I don’t have a great full length shot of my own Reception Dress, but here is a candid moment which clearly shows how I was able to get my groove on at my wedding :) The Husband actually found this white satin dress with black beading for me at Carson’s for a whopping $123!

Photo by Dennis Lee Photography

Do you have a Reception Dress, or is this something you are considering? Where are you shopping for it?