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Happy Halloween from Snooki :)

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween weekend! This holiday always makes me a bit nostalgic for my childhood – my friends and I always made a big deal out of dressing up and trick-or-treating. As an adult, my husband and I DREAD the “mandatory costume” parties… But this year I had a flash of inspiration and was SUPER excited about my costume.

Say hello to… Snooki! (For those of you who don’t know what she looks like, here’s a pic) I already owned everything except for the sunglasses, which I purchased for $10. My hair was my Pièce de résistance… there was no bump-it or extensions, just a lot of teasing and hairspray! The dress is actually knee length, but I used some safety pins and temporarily took it up at the waist, which was then disguised by the chunky belt. Nor did I own any big silver hoop earrings (my ears are super sensitive so I can’t wear cheap-o fun earrings from Claire’s or Forever21), so I used about 20 silver twist-ties and formed them into two large hoops, and then inserted them into my existing tiny hoop earrings. Voila! (Too bad I’ve never seen a single episode of Jersey Shore, haha)


Here’s my and the husband, Snooki & Charlie Brown! <3 I created the stripes on his shirt with some carefully applied electrical tape.

How was your Halloween?! Did you dress up?


Friday Faves: Blogs We Loved This Week

Brrrrrr… the temps have dropped significantly in Chicago, so I hope you’re staying warm! I’m at Starbucks nursing my cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte… It’s time to recap some of the blog posts that caught my eye this week!

…I’ve seen post after post about New York Bridal Market Week, but this post on Junebug Weddings was the first one that really made me stop and stare. The Kenneth Pool Spring 2011 collection featured an abundance of gorgeous trumpet and mermaid silhouettes (my fave!) and feminine embellishments. What do you get when you combine ruffles + ruching + crystals? Hello gorgeous…

Kenneth-Pool-spring-2011-wedding-dress-collection-bridal-market-2 Kenneth-Pool-spring-2011-wedding-dress-collection-bridal-market-2

… Go behind the scenes for a peak at how the cakes featured in Martha Stewart Weddings mag are created, starting with… Styrofoam dummy cakes!

… I’m in love with this Tennessee wedding with a stunning “open air country cathedral”, shot by The Collection.

… This post about Specialized Savings Accounts really made me pause and think… the husband and I have talked about setting aside a special “pet fund” for our Gia versus purchasing pet insurance.

… I have this bizarre interest in birthing stories, so I was enraptured with my friend Jenny’s (aka Geek in Heels) account, see parts 1, 2 and 3. Spoiler: She pushed for a mere 5 minutes!


Wedzu – Like Etsy for Weddings!

Wow, how did I miss this site?! Why have I not read about it on every single wedding blog? (Or have I…? errr…) I just found out about Wedzu, which is literally like Etsy for all-things-wedding-related. Check out some of these gorgeous finds. It’s times like these when I wish I could have another wedding! (Maybe a vow renewal is in order, haha)

I am drooling over these white topaz 14k gold leaf branch earrings… $62. But really, wouldn’t these look fab on your Bridesmaids?

leaf white topaz earrings

I wasn’t nearly stylish enough to pull one of these off at my own wedding (nor were they “in” at the time) but if I could choose any fascinator now, I would choose this white and gold feather and lace fascinator. For $58!!!

white and gold feather fascinator

Sob. I really want this too… Darcy navy clutch with the cutest white grosgrain ribbon, $65.

darcy_navy_clutch with white bow

How cute would your ring-bearer look sportin’ this down the aisle? Although this satin embellished pillow ($49) is SO pretty, maybe you should consider having a ring-girl carry this instead.

white ring bearer pillow with purple green floral accents

You love the look of these tissue paper poms a la Martha Stewart, but geez louise, you don’t have the patience to make them yourself… so buy ‘em! 20 tissue paper poms in your choice of colors for $66 (I’m sure you have to fluff them up though, which can be tricky!).

tissue paper poms

Ok, so this Wedding Tree Genealogy Chart may not be in everyone’s budget at $675… but wouldn’t it be cool if it was?! This custom chart indicates how all of the wedding guests are connected the couple, whether it be family members, college friends, neighbors, etc. It would definitely give guests something to talk about during cocktail hour!

Wedding tree genealogy chart

As of now, this Wedzu is nowhere near as big as Etsy, but I have a feeling it will be one day soon!

Happy Shopping!