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Friday Faves: Blogs We Loved This Week

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful fall day in Chicago… enjoy your weekend!

image{Photo by Steve Koo Photography}

Lovely Chicago wedding at Galleria Marchetti shot by Steve Koo, planned by yours truly :)

A super chic Kate Spade inspired wedding photo shoot

We’ve all heard of a “Bucket List”, but Penny Pantomime put together her own “Life List”… I’m totally inspired to put together my own version! I’m going to start working on mine this weekend…

A charming/retro house tour… Only 475 sq. feet, but with plenty of space for Caroline’s drool worthy shoe collection!

Who knew that pumpkins + spray paint + puffy paint = AWESOME Halloween decor?

Lastly, my friend Kelly of Blush!nk posted this recipe last week for doughnut muffins. I baked them the same day (the ingredients are so basic, I had everything in my pantry!) and the batch was gone by the next day. Yeah, probably not a good thing for my waistline… but SO tasty!


Any great posts you want to share?


TIP: Ceremony Rehearsal 101

Are ceremony rehearsals necessary? If you have any sort of bridal party whatsoever, then yes, a huge, resounding YES! Here are some basics:

WHO should attend?
You & Your fiancé (duh!)
The Bridal Party
Flower Girls & Ring Bearers
BOTH sets of parents
Anyone else playing a part or walking down the aisle (grandparents, godparents, sponsors)

WHEN should the rehearsal take place?
Ideally the day before the wedding. The rehearsal is traditionally followed by the rehearsal dinner.

HOW do I tell participants about the rehearsal?
In person
On the phone
Via email
Formal written invitation
(Or maybe all four methods above to ingrain it into their minds!)

How LONG should the rehearsal last?
On average, 30 – 45 minutes. You don’t have to run through the actual ceremony portion (which is why Officiants don’t always attend). This run-through is more so to make sure everyone knows when to walk, how to walk, where to stand/sit, how to exit, etc.

Bonus Tip #1
Tell people to arrive 30 minutes before you actually expect to start. e.g. If you plan to start the rehearsal at 6PM, tell everyone that they need to be there at 5:30 (but don’t tell them you plan to start at 6!) People will inevitably run late, especially since rehearsals often take place on a Friday afternoon/evening, the worst possible time for traffic

Bonus Tip #2
Have a Master Plan. If you don’t have a wedding planner/coordinator, then be sure to work with your Officiant regarding the “choreography” of the ceremony. Determine if the groom and his groomsmen are standing at the alter waiting at the start of the ceremony. Or if the groom is walking both of his parents down the aisle. Or if the bridesmaids and groomsmen are walking down the aisle in pairs. If you (the bride) are walking in alone, or with you father, or both your parents… As you can see, there are endless configurations, so put it in writing and figure it out beforehand.

Bonus Tip #3
If you don’t have a coordinator/planner, then put someone else in charge!! Preferably someone with a slightly authoritative personality :)  Review the walking order and ceremony outline with them, and then, put it in their hands!

Ceremony rehearsal processional 1 Ceremony rehearsal 2 Wedding Coordinator Ceremony rehearsal IMG_0254
(Personal photos from my own ceremony rehearsal)

Anyone else have tips for the ceremony rehearsal they’d like to share?


LOVE THIS: iPhone Proposal in Movie Theater

I saw this adorable proposal posted on The Flirty Blog and just had to share! Chad spent 4 MONTHS preparing this video for his then-girlfriend, Vy… and wow! He WROTE the song (which is AWESOME!) and has made it available for free download! Here is his story, which I found on the YouTube page.

I proposed to my girlfriend, Vy, by writing a song and making a music video for her. We went out to see a film at our favorite movie theater and she was completely surprised once she figured out what was playing on the screen wasn’t actually an iPhone commercial.

LONG VERSION: Vy’s been wanting me to write a song for her for a very long time. I decided to write a Top 40 / Club type song because this is the type of music she likes most. Since I’m not a great singer, I found it very convenient that auto-tune is very popular in this genre. Ha! I recorded and mixed everything in Pro Tools. No loops were used. A big thank you to my brother, Casey, for doing a great job filming all the iPhone action.

This entire project took about 4 months to complete since I could only work on it when Vy was not around. It was hard coming up with so many fake excuses why I couldn’t hang out! As the project neared completion, I made phone call after phone call trying to get this played in a movie theater (with hopes of getting it played in the Carmike 20 in Oakdale which is where we had our first movie date many years ago). I lucked out when somebody got me the number to Daniel, the Carmike City Manager, who was awesome, got the OK from corporate and made it happen. I brought the DVD in so they could make sure it was suitable for showing and to do a practice run. The date was now set for Sunday, Sept. 5th at
7:35pm. It would be playing in front of the romantic comedy “Going the Distance” (which I was glad about, I was worried it might be “The Last Exorcism”!)

Wouldn’t you know it, almost immediately Vy started getting invited to BBQs, house parties and other events for Sept. 5th! Now I had to come up with a plan to make Vy want to see this movie instead doing anything else so I asked our friend Justin, who lives in Hollywood and is beginning to make appearances in film and TV, to facebook a bunch of us saying he’s appearing in a trailer for a movie called “Addicted To You” and that this trailer is showing in front of “Going the Distance” nationwide. I then requested our friend, Carlus, to respond on facebook saying “Let’s all go see Justin in the movies on Sunday! I’ll pick up tickets for everyone. Dress up and we’ll go out for my birthday afterwards”.

The plan worked great and Vy was excited to watch for our friend Justin in the trailers. We arrived that night, sat through a bunch of commercials and movie trailers and then my video started. Vy thought it was a real iPhone commercial. When in the video I said “So you want to write a song for your girlfriend”, Vy squeezed my hand and looked at me with a smile. I thought she had figured it out at that moment but she later explained she hadn’t yet firgured it out and had squeezed my hand because she wanted me to write her a song. Ha!

Once the video showed “June 17th, 2004” she figured it out and started crying immediately, which I especially enjoyed because she has never cried at the movies but I have a number of times! At the end where the video sent the text message, Vy actually received that same text message from my phone. At that moment I got down on one knee, looked at Vy and said “Vy, you’re my best friend, I love you so much and I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?”


She said “YES!” and the theater audience (about 30 people) applauded. Our friends Thomas and Kristin then came out of hiding and gave Vy a dozen roses. We all met up with more friends and went out dancing to celebrate!

Awww, this story totally makes me melt! Anyone else have some good proposal stories to share?