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HP7: Bill & Fleur’s Wedding

We went to see the first installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows over the weekend (LOVED it!) and – shocker – one of my favorite scenes was the wedding of Bill and Fleur. It was a gorgeous, sumptuous affair, and to be honest, a wee bit more fancy schmancy than I envisioned for the Weasleys. I would have expected more shabby-chic from them :) But I’m guessing that only the best will do for the lovely Fleur Delacour!

I couldn’t find too many screenshots since the movie is still so new, but here’s a peak:

The wedding took place in an enormous tent on the Weasley property. The pathway you see below leading up to the main tent stretched super long towards the main house.

HP7 Bill Fleur wedding tent

Purple was the “IT” wedding color this past year (at least on the Sweetchic roster!), so I was kind of surprised that they opted for such a trendy color scheme. But no matter, the aubergine/purple/lavender with gold and black accents was no less gorgeous, especially when you add a dash of magic :)


My eyes went straight to the black chiavari chairs, which were a nice contrast to the sea of purple. I also liked that the swirls of the gold lantern centerpieces mimicked the swirls on the tent’s fabric panels. I wish I had a better room shot, because the lighting design inside the tent was fabulous and these pictures just don’t do it justice!

HP7 Bill Fleur wedding purple black chiavari chairs

Apparently there is some controversy over Fleur’s dress, which closely resembles an Alexander McQueen original from his 2008 collection. Fleur’s dress was said to feature two phoenixes, while McQueen’s version featured peacocks… but the similarities are hard to deny, eh?

HP7 Bill Fleur wedding dress Alexander McQueen lookalike

Below is Fleur modeling her dress on the right, and McQueen’s sketch inset on the left. Regardless, the dress is stunning!

fleur delacour alexander mcqueen wedding dress

Production shot

HP7 Bill Fleur wedding tent interior purple uplighting Source

Did you see HP7 yet? What did you think of Bill and Fleur’s wedding (or the movie in general?) After seeing the movie, I dug out my copy of the book and am re-reading it!


Photography Beyond the Wedding Day

Everyone knows how important it is to find the perfect photographer for their wedding day. You want to find someone who’s work makes you go ga-ga, and who’s personality puts you at  ease. And of course, don’t forget price point and package offerings. But today I’m here to explore the world beyond wedding day photography…


Pretty much every bride is now familiar with the concept of an Engagement Photo Shoot. You want to get comfortable with your wedding photographer, but more importantly, you want some gorgeous photos to capture the love in your eyes when you are young and crazy in love. Couples can get really creative with fun props and favorite locations as evidenced in the adorable pictures below of hollie engagement shoot sweetchic events seth morris photography 1 hollie engagement shoot sweetchic events seth morris photography 7 hollie engagement shoot sweetchic events seth morris photography 4-tile
Images by Seth Morris Photography


Whoaaaa, what are these scandalous pictures doing on the Sweetchic Blog?! These are examples of Boudoir photography, a new trend that is slowly getting more popular as brides want to give their men a little sumthin’ extra as a wedding gift. Hey girl, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Revealed Boudoir does amazing sessions in Chicago, so gather your courage and your sexiest lingerie (or your fiancé’s white button down shirt?!) and give him some pictures he’ll drool over :)

revealed boudoir photography chicago 2

revealed boudoir photography chicago 3

revealed boudoir photography chicago
Images by Revealed Boudoir


The Bridal Shoot is a southern tradition that hasn’t quite taken off in the Midwest yet. But photographer Jenna Cole (who recently relocated to Chicago from Texas) gave these reasons as to why the Bridal shoot, which are taken a few weeks or months before your wedding, are all the rage down south:

1. To have a practice go with your wedding day “look”. I know several girls who have switched their hairdressers/makeup artists after doing the session and seeing how things looked in photos.

2. To display gorgeous photos at the reception.

3. For your mom to hang a bridal portrait in her house :)

jenna cole bridal shoot 3-tile

jenna cole bridal shoot 1

jenna cole bridal shoot 2-tile
Images by Jenna Cole Photography


The Trash the Dress shoot (like the Boudoir shoot) is not for the weak-hearted bride. Well there are various levels of “trashing”, but these ladies below really got down and dirty! The resulting pictures are one-of-a-kind keepsakes and works of art! Photographer Melissa Diep really makes her brides look (and feel!) like rock stars. If you can’t bear to part with you real wedding dress, there is nothing wrong with finding an inexpensive dress that you don’t mind trashing!

melissa diep trash the dress shoot 1

melissa diep trash the dress shoot 2

melissa diep trash the dress shoot 3
Melissa Diep Photography


It’s common knowledge that pregnant women have a “glow” about them, so why not take advantage of those special, fleeting months? My favorite maternity images ever are of my friend Bee Kim (aka Mrs. Bee!), by photographer Punam Bean. Bee is absolutely gorgeous here and she now has lovely reminders of the 9 months she carried her darling Charlie Cole.

wedding bee kim maternity photo shoot punam bean 3

wedding bee kim maternity photo shoot punam bean 1

Since this photo session fell around their wedding anniversary, Bee’s hubby ordered Bee a re-creation of her wedding bouquet – a gorgeous, classic pavé of red roses!

wedding bee kim maternity photo shoot punam bean 4

What type of additional photo shoots are you planning on taking?!


TIP: Easy Pavé Floral Arrangements

One good thing about meeting with clients at home is that I have a perfectly valid excuse to buy fresh flowers (as a business expense, ha)! I always run to Whole Foods and buy whatever flowers happen to be on sale.

This week I grabbed one bunch of fuchsia spray roses which I cut down and arranged Pavé style in a small, 5 inch glass cylinder. Fresh flowers at home always makes me SO happy; such an easy pick-me-up!


What is Pavé style? It’s named after a jewelry setting…

Pavé (noun): a style of setting gems so closely that no metal shows

white-large-pave-band diamonds
Sources 1, 2, 3

And when translated into floral arrangements, you get:

pave floral arrangement garden roses peonies
Via Design Sponge and Vale of Enna

The easiest thing to do for your holiday entertaining is to grab one or two bunches of a SINGLE type of flower, trim them down and arrange them in a shallow vase. DON’T buy the pre-made bouquet of assorted flowers… they are more expensive and have alot of unnecessary “filler”.

Design Sponge offers some GREAT tips for creating a pavé style arrangement:

  • Try using one type of flower in varying shades.
  • Carefully clean stems so they are free of greens and foliage, leaving only the blossoms and stems.
  • Flowers should be cut so that the blooms fall just above the neck of the vase.
  • Work from the outside in — start by setting flowers in a ring around the edge of the vase and work row-by-row toward the middle. You will be begin to create concentric circles and the stems will form a “grid” in the vase.
  • With each successive layer of flowers, you will have more structure with the stems and you can use this structure to support the next layer.
  • Keep a “dome shape” in your mind’s eye and work to make the inner layers of flowers stand slightly taller than the outer layers.
  • Don’t be afraid of the flowers jutting out at an angle; with each new layer, they will stand a bit straighter and taller.
  • By the time you reach the middle, you should have a firm network of stems to support the taller flowers and they will stand straight up!