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Sweetchic’s Oscar Night Wrap-Up

Oscar Night! One of my favorite TV nights of the year, and this year more so than any other. Why? Because my husband and I actually watched ALL 10 BEST PICTURE nominees! Even when there used to only be 5 nominees, I don’t think we ever saw more than 2 films off the Best Picture list, so it was quite a feat that we managed all 10. Here is my personal ranking list in order of how much I enjoyed the 10 films:

1. Inception – The 1st time I watched this movie, I didn’t want to end; it absolutely blew my mind!
2. The Social Network – I’m obsessed with FB, so I found this fascinating!
3. The King’s Speech – I knew this film was most Oscar-worthy; Colin deserved his win by a mile
4. The Black Swan – This movie would be higher on my list if it wasn’t so darn creepy!!
5. The Fighter – I didn’t think I would like this one, but it was surprisingly good and uplifting!
6. Toy Story 3 – I’m not a big cartoon person, but this was sweet!
7. 127 Hours – So gripping, but it was so intense, I found it hard to watch at times…
8. True Grit – Not into Westerns, but this was better than I expected.
9. The Kids are All Right – I don’t get all the hype.
10. Winter’s Bone – Too serious and depressing!

Also, this was the first time I participated in an Oscar Pool!! It was so much fun to see the website refresh after each award and see my updated ranking. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I COULD have won with a last minute upset if The Social Network won Best Picture, but oh well…

And onto the Oscar Night FASHION!! My absolute favorite red carpet looks:

Hilary Swank in Gucci and Mandy Moore in Monique Luhuillier

image image
Source; Source

Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa was absolute perfection! She is such a pretty 14 year old, and I can imagine little girls everywhere wanting to look just like her.


I was initially on the fence about Mila Kunis in this lavendar Eli Saab, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it!


As for the hostess of the night, I thought Anne Hathaway looked most beautiful in the burgundy Versace and cream Givenchy. I was super excited to see her host, but I thought she and James Franco were a bit underwhelming… There were some weird awkward moments! And some moments that reminded me of cheesy high school talent show emcees!

Anne-Hathaway-Oscar-dress burgandy versace Anne-Hathaway-Oscar-dress cream givenchy

As for best looking couple of the night, hands down in my opinion was Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves in Dolce & Gabanna. Drop dead gorgeous, the both of them!!


What are your thoughts on Oscar Night? Fashion? Moments? Movies?


Chicago Bridal Fashion Spotlight: Amanda Archer

{Stay tuned! Over the next few weeks, Hollie will be featuring some of Chicago’s very own local wedding designers!}

With all the hype surrounding the upcoming wedding season and new bridal fashion lines (and, of course, the granddaddy fashion event of the year being the always-inspirational-no-matter-where-you-live New York Fashion Week), we thought it would be fun to take it all back to the place Sweetchic Events calls home: CHICAGO!

There is definitely no shortage of talented designers and fashionistas roaming the streets of our chic city; whether you’re a hip bride in Bucktown or a preppy-loving lady-who-lunches on the Gold Coast, Chicago’s wedding fashion is sure to deliver. In true Windy City and Midwestern tradition, our local designers are personable, talented, and have the Sweetchic Stamp of Approval.

First in this mini-series is Amanda Archer, whose bridesmaid dresses range from Country Club Class to Bohemian and Eco-Friendly, all made from natural, eco-friendly or vintage fabrics and starting at about $170.

Meet Amanda!


She’s perhaps best recognized by pleated and ruffled collars, but don’t be fooled for even a minute: Amanda can customize it all, and she’s been known to customize dresses to best fit everyone in the bridal party (even maternity dresses!):

Amanda Archer Navy Blue  Bridesmaids dresses Amanda Archer Orange  Bridesmaids Dress
And here are some real weddings featuring Amanda Archer Bridesmaids dresses (for clarification, these are not Sweetchic weddings)

Ruffled Collar Dress in Grass Green; Photos by Harrison Studio

Amanda Archer Blue  Bridesmaids  Dresses 2
Ruffled Collar Dress in Mint; Photo by Jill Thomas

Obviously the lady is talented, right? Did I mention she customizes wedding dresses, too? And starting at less than $500, they are incredibly affordable and gorgeous all at the same time:

Amanda Archer ruffled mermaid wedding dress Amanda Archer Wedding Dress Chicago Fashion Designer

Amanda Archer Wedding Dress Chicago Fashion Designer 3
Cotton Voile Strapless Gown; Photos by Sarah Esther

Although we haven’t been lucky enough to meet her yet, we do know a bride-to-be whose 10 bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes are all working with Amanda Archer for a large Memorial Day weekend wedding, and they’re all incredibly pleased (and getting that many women excited about the same style dress is no easy task, believe me).

After going to a “gajillion” bridal salons and forcing her ladies into a multitude of dresses, the bride said Amanda made it easy-peasy and beautiful to boot…if only she had found her before making the bridal party try on so many horrendous dresses. We’ll have more Chicago Bridal Fashion Spotlights soon, but in the meantime, aren’t you just crazy about those ruffled collars? I’m wishing I had a black one to wear coordinating weddings, because did I tell you the best part? POCKETS. They all have pockets. How can you even resist?!

Visit Amanda Archer’s website, blog and Etsy shop for more details—and more beautiful, local bridal inspiration.


Sweetchic in the Media!

It’s been an exciting week for Sweetchic! We were featured in the press… twice!

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Janet Fuller, the food writer with the Chicago Sun Times asking for my thoughts on wedding food trends, and I was happy to oblige! The e-version of the story (Couples have their wedding cake and cookies, too) came out two days ago, and the printed copy was on stands yesterday!

The spring issue of The Knot Chicago featured the wedding of our clients Chin & Stephen as one of the “10 chicago weddings we love”, and who I haven’t blogged about due to this upcoming feature! Chin and Stephen hosted their stunning purple, Chinese-Haitian wedding at one of my very favorite venues in Chicago, Cafe Brauer in Lincoln Park.

All photos by the wonderful Yazy Jo Photography.

image image

image image

Sweetchic Chicago theknot spring 2011