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A Famous Pug Cake!

I got the funniest email last night from my friend and past 2009 bride, Vida… Apparently she and her husband were watching Tori and Dean’s sTORIbook Weddings (uhm, yes, Tori Spelling and her husband are now wedding planners?! Go figure!), and the featured couple wanted a pug themed wedding. Then the bride-to-be whipped out a picture of a pug cake to show Tori:

Black Pug Cake 1 Tori Dean Wedding Show

Black Pug Cake 2 Tori Dean Wedding Show

YUP, that’s Vida and John’s cake!! Here’s the blog post where I wrote about it… John did some super-googling and told me that there is a good chance that the bride-to-be pulled the image from my blog, haha!

pug cake with sea shell
Picture by SecondPrint Productions; Cake by Tipsycake

Pretty nifty, eh?!

I don’t get the Oxygen network, but from the pictures on the website, it looks like they took the Pug-theme wedding to the max!

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Chin & Stephen: Chinese Wedding Traditions

I’ve been waiting eight months for this disc of images… the wedding of Chin and Stephen was recently featured in The Knot Chicago and so I had to wait until that issue came out before I could post this! And wow, it took me over two hours to go though all the amazing images from husband and wife photography team, Yazy Jo… and even longer to pick my favorite images! There are so many beautiful shots, I have to break this up into multiple posts!

What I loved about Chin and Stephen’s wedding is that they were able to elegantly infuse Chin’s Chinese and Stephen’s Haitian cultural roots into the day.

They kicked off the day’s festivities with traditional Chinese Wedding Door Games. Usually these take place at the Bride’s home, but on this day, everything took place at the Sofitel Chicago.  The Groom and his groomsmen had to pass a series of tests in order to “pick-up” his Bride, the first of which was giving the bridesmaids a red envelope full of cash before he was allowed in. While these games may seem rather odd to those unfamiliar with Chinese wedding traditions, they are definitely all in good fun, and everyone gets a good laugh.

Chinese Wedding Door Games 1 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo-horz

The ladies checked out how much loot is in the red envelope, while the groom pleaded to be let in to see his bride!

Chinese Wedding Door Games 3 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo-horz

Stephen and his groomsmen were then allowed in the room and required to eat and drink some UNtasty items…

Chinese Wedding Games 1 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Chinese Wedding Games 2 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Then the ladies requested some yoga poses! I love Stephen’s expression in this shot!

Chinese Wedding Games 4 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Hilarity ensued when the guys were asked to imitate some dance moves…

Chinese Wedding Games 7 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Chinese Wedding Games 8 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Chinese Wedding Games 6 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

And then finally the bedroom door was opened to reveal the lovely Chin!

Chinese Wedding Games 10 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Chinese Wedding Games 9 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Chinese Wedding Games 11 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo-horz

Then as a sign of respect to their families, they performed the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. They served both sets of parents cups of tea, and in exchange, they received red envelopes of money as well as gold jewelry.

Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding  3 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding  2 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Then they shared some sweet rice balls (omg, I looove these!)

Chinese Wedding Sweet rice balls 1 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Chinese Wedding Sweet rice balls 2 Sweetchic Events YazyJo Photo

Chin modeling her beautiful custom-made pink traditional Qi Pao.

Chin_Stephen_chi pao

Stay tuned for more gorgeous pictures by Yazy Jo!!

Are you familiar with Chinese wedding traditions? Did you incorporate any into your wedding day?

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