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Tip: Crochet Hook for Your Wedding Dress

If your wedding dress has a row of tiny buttons down the back, don’t forget the crochet hook! This tool will save your bridesmaids a LOT of time and they will thank you for it. Just insert the hook into the loop and pull across the button. Voila! You can find these nifty tools at your local craft store for just a few bucks.


Tiny buttons are such a gorgeous detail… but can take forever to button if just using your fingers!

Via Sarah K. Chen Photography

Via Weddingbee

Dou have buttons down your dress? Or did you forget the crochet hook?

Demystify the Guestlist

I came across this awesome guestlist yay/nay flowchart on MasterPiece Weddings and just had to share! I know the guestlist can be a beast of a task… so it’s nice to have it all nicely mapped out for you and to put some rhyme and reason to your guestlist. ¬†Obviously, you’re also going to have some people who fall into the “grey area”, and you’re just going to have to make a judgement call.

Remember, trimming the guest list is absolutely the easiest way to trim the budget!

What was your strategy when deciding if someone made the cut?

Dana & Steve, Featured in The Knot!

Woohoo, I was so excited to pick up the Fall/Winter issue of The Knot Chicago… I immediately flipped to page 50 to see the gorgeous featured wedding of our September 2010 clients, Dana and Steve! I never posted photographer, Laurie Peacock’s beautiful images because we wanted to get them featured somewhere… and here we are! For more pictures from the day, check out Laurie’s blog post.

Thanks, Dana and Steve, for being such a wonderful couple to work with!


Click here for a PDF of the full feature in The Knot!

Dana Steve Knot Feature University Club wedding 1

Dana Steve Knot Feature University Club wedding 2