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Meet Lindsey, Sweetchic’s Newest Event Assistant!

Here at Sweetchic, we are winding down our FOURTH wedding season (we still have four more 2011 weddings left on the books!), and I’m so incredibly proud of how we’ve grown over the years!! First you met Hollie, and then Jessica, and now… Lindsey! I can’t tell you how much I ♥ each of these amazing ladies. I chose them for their capable, can-do attitudes, but mostly because they are wonderful people who brighten up the wedding days of our Sweetchic couples!

Without further adieu, meet Lindsey:

Lindsey Sweetchic Assistant

Hello! My name is Lindsey and I’m the newest addition to Sweetchic Events!  I have the privilege of working as an Assistant Wedding Day Coordinator. I’m so excited and flattered to be introduced on the Sweetchic Blog! Truth be told, I had a hard time summarizing my background and my love of weddings without rambling on and on. (I really love weddings!) So here is my solution, a brief list of facts about me:

– I design books (as a production designer) by day.

– I have a background in Fashion and Graphic Design.

– I love cupcakes (for baking and eating).

– I am addicted to soy lattes. They give me energy before every wedding.

– I am always on the lookout for fantastic new invitation ideas.

– I love typography (which relates to weddings much more than you may realize).

– I religiously pour over wedding and design blogs for inspiration.

– I love crafting. (If you’ve got some d.i.y. details, I’m up for the challenge!)

– If you’re having trouble defining tricky colors like taupe or mauve, I can help you out. (I even have some trusty Pantone swatch bookst!)

– I’m obsessed with the details. Weddings are a culmination of many different types of design and I love seeing it all come together, one detail at a time.

As an Assistant Wedding Coordinator, I have the privilege of helping to facilitate every little detail that will shape a cherished memory for each Sweetchic couple. I feel very lucky to be a member of the Sweetchic Team and I can’t wait for all the new experiences that lie ahead!

Hitched: Jen & Aaron’s Trump Wedding Trailer

Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to share with you the trailer for Jen & Aaron’s gorgeous wedding at the Trump Hotel Chicago. They were SUCH a fun, easy-going couple, and we loved every minute of working with them!

Jen & Aaron’s Wedding Trailer from Sterling Wedding Cinema on Vimeo.

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Tip: What is Taupe?!

I had a meeting with a bride the other night, and the conversation turned to the very vague, but commonly referenced color, taupe. What exactly is taupe?

Taupe – pronounced “tope” – is a moderate to dark brownish gray color, sometimes slightly tinged with purple, yellow or green (per

Vague, huh? Well this is what I picture:

What is Taupe V2

Similarly… what is “mauve” and how the heck do you pronounce it? Apparently it rhymes with “stove”! (I used to think it was “mAH-ve”) I couldn’t find a 100% consensus on the various sites I checked, but it is somewhere in the family of lavendar/lilac with more gray and blue tones than magenta (per Wikipedia).

What is Mauve

**Disclaimer** Keep in mind that all of these colors are probably showing up differently on your computer screen, not to mention, everyone has their own slightly different idea of how these colors are represented!

Is this what you picture when you envision taupe and mauve?! Are there any other colors out there that make you scratch your head?