Accessorizing Your Gents

For far too long, the Groom and his Groomsmen have been ignored when it comes to wedding fashion! We’ve seen a major comeback of tie bars (aka tie “clips”) and pocket squares, so now the guys can take their wedding day apparel to a new level. Tie bars and pockets squares can be worn individually or together to add some extra panache to their look.

Our favorite look is the clean, sleek Straight Fold, also known as the Presidential Pocket Square… so classic!

Via GQ 

Via GQ  

Via  Matt Metzgar

Honestly, who needs a boutonniere when you already have the perfect pop of color?!

Via GQ

Via BuyOnineFashion

There isn’t just one way to fold a pocket square! Looking for different looks and folds? We love these tutorials by the The Urban Gentleman.


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