Why a Catering Manager is NOT a Wedding Coordinator

Let me repeat that: Catering Manager Wedding Coordinator

I’ve heard this many times, “Oh, my Catering Manager said I don’t need a coordinator. He/She can handle everything!” And here are my Top 5 reasons as to why this could backfire. Of course all of these do not apply in every situation, but they are definitely valid points to consider when planning your wedding! Please note: I know many Catering Managers who are just awesome and go above and beyond for their clients (and me!). But like I said in point 2, let them do their job. They will love you for it!

1) Your catering manager works for the venue/catering company, and thus their first loyalty is to their employer and employer’s bottom line. Not Yours.

2) Depending on how much event space is at your venue, your catering manager could potentially be handling multiple weddings/events on your wedding day. There is a good chance they are also overseeing set-up for someone else, so let them do their job: manage the food, beverage and sales. By the way, they inwardly groan when they have to arrange your escort cards and may not have time to set up that 30 piece candy buffet or the meticulous tablescape you planned out with your parents’ wedding photos and faux birds and butterflies!

3) In the event industry, the turnover rate is extremely high, especially when it comes to catering managers, whether it be at a hotel, venue, or catering company. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called a venue to speak to the catering manager (who I have developed a relationship with!) only to find out that he/she is no longer there, and has moved on to a different hotel/company/etc. So that awesome catering manager who you signed your contract with (and who was a big selling point!)… may not be there in 9 months! And they may have been replaced with someone who you just don’t click with.

4) If you are having an on-site ceremony at the venue (versus a church), who’s going to run your ceremony rehearsal? Probably not your catering manager! If you’ve ever been to a ceremony rehearsal where there wasn’t a designated person in charge and who knew what they were doing, it can be a complete. MESS.

5) The catering manager is not obligated to answer your wedding-related questions about  etiquette, invitations, color schemes, flowers, decor, music, transportation, and all the other 973,298,156 nitty gritty details you may have questions about.


What IS a Groom’s Cake and Why?

Have you seen the latest Chicago Wedobo deal? $200 for a custom groom’s cake from Tipsycake, valued at $400!  (Hurry, it expires this Sunday 6/13)

Now, what exactly IS a groom’s cake? Well, wedding cakes per tradition, are usually decorated in shades of white and are light in texture and/or color (thanks, Wikipedia). As for the groom’s cake, the sky’s the limit in terms of creativity, shape, colors, and flavors. Originally a southern tradition, the groom’s cake started off as a gift from the bride to her groom. These days, it’s a popular, fun trend that highlights the groom’s personality, hobbies, passions, etc. Sometimes it is displayed and served along side the wedding cake, and other times it is served at the rehearsal dinner.

Do you NEED a groom’s cake? NO!
But is it fun? YES! And who doesn’t love more cake?! I’m a cake-lovah, so maybe I’m biased :)

Here is an awesome groom’s cake from my first clients of the year, Jamie & Reggie. Reggie was a football player back in his hay day and has a number of SEC Football Championship rings to his name. Baker Amy Beck designed a jaw-dropping groom’s cake in the shape of his rings. (Stay tuned next week for a full set of images from Jamie & Reggie’s wedding!)

SEC rings Grooms Cake Amy Beck Cake Design Artisan Events Cake by Amy Beck Cake Design; Photo by Artisan Events

Next is a groom’s cake from my client’s Maggie & Mike, who recently got married at the Adler Planetarium. They have strong ties to the University of Florida Gators, so guess what shape their groom’s cake took? TA-DA! I CANNOT get over the details on this bad boy! Ah-freakin-mazing!

Alligator Grooms Cake
Cake by Sarah’s Pastries & Candies; Photo by Grey Street Photography

And lastly, this isn’t exactly a “groom’s cake” per se… it is actually my couple’s ONLY wedding cake. But this cake represents the black pug they plan to one day adopt!

Cake by Tipsycake; Photo by Secondprint Productions

Are you surprising your groom with a groom’s cake (or is he in on the surprise?) And how did you decide on the “theme” of the cake?


Finally, a Cupcake Truck in Chicago!

Yeah, yeah, the cupcake trend has been in full force for a while now and it is supposed to be on its way out and perhaps a bit passé to some. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love me a good red velvet cupcake with a heap of cream cheese frosting! I’ve always been envious of other cities like NYC and LA which are known for having dessert trucks, taco trucks and the like (BTW, in writing this post, I just discovered that NY’s famed Dessert Truck is now a storefront and the truck no longer roams the street! Bummer…)

But now Chicago gets its very own CUPCAKE TRUCK, Flirty Cupcakes! Woohoo! They literally just launched the truck this month, so hopefully it does well and sticks around for a while. Better yet, they are available to come to your event (ahem, wedding) for some curbside service. You would be the most popular couple ever (at least with the lady guests)!

In order to find out their daily locations, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

Flirty Cupcakes Chicago cupcake truck 6

Flirty Cupcakes Chicago cupcake truck flavors Flirty Cupcakes Chicago cupcake truck 2

Based on their website, the flavor that intrigues me the most (besides red velvet) is the CBFF aka Chocolate Cupcake with a Nutella Ganache. That sounds like a bite of cupcake heaven!

Flirty Cupcakes Chicago cupcake truck 7

Flirty Cupcakes Chicago cupcake truck 4

{Images via their Facebook fan page}

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to track down this truck… I think a tasting is in order!

Who wants to join me?! :)