Sylvia Weinstock: The Importance of Wedding Cake

One of the presenters I was most excited to see was Sylvia Weinstock! THE Sylvia Weinstock! She is a wiry, spunky, practical lady… it’s too bad she didn’t bring some cake for us to try. Or hand out some sugar flowers… would that have been asking too much?! haha, j/k.

Sylvia Weinstock official image Sylvia Weinstock ABC Conference

She took us through some of her favorite cakes over the years, the inspiration for some of them, as well as the difficulties of shipping her cakes around the world. Why (in her opinion) is wedding cake so important? Because cutting the cake is often the first thing a newly married couple does together to celebrate their marriage. So cake shouldn’t be an afterthought!

When asked about the whole cupcakes-replacing-wedding-cake trend, she responded along the lines of, “Cupcakes are not elegant. A bride wears a long white dress. She is setting a formal tone, and cupcakes are not formal.” (So lesson learned: never ask Sylvia Weinstock for a cupcake cake!)

And when asked, “How do you get the tops off of those REALLY tall cakes?” She replied, “You have the banquet captain stand on a ladder and make a really big SHOW of it! It’s entertainment!”

And by the way, if you are ever lucky enough to get a slice of her cake, save the sugar flower!! If kept clean and dry, it will supposedly last forever. It’s hard to believe, but each of her meticulously crafted sugar flowers is anatomically correct!!

Anyways, what is a post about Sylvia Weinstock without some cake p0rn? Her cakes are seriously over-the-top masterpieces! I wish I could find pictures of the cakes she actually talked about, but alas, I guess those were the more obscure cakes that were not splashed across the blogosphere!

Sylvia Weinstock white cake sugar flowers

Sylvia Weinstock all white cake sugar flowers

Sylvia Weinstock basketweave cake yellow pink flowers

Sylvia Weinstock cake blue purple sugar flowers

Sylvia Weinstock orange yellow flowers

Sylvia Weinstock red orange cake

(Sorry for lack of photo credits, I found these same images on multiple sites!)

Bakery Spotlight: Luscious Layers

Some people are not big on cake… but in my opinion, no wedding is complete without CAKE! So I have made it my mission to scope out the best bakeries in Chicago… enter Luscious Layers, a new bakery that just opened in  Bucktown. The husband and wife team of Ashley and Kile, are adorable and SO passionate about what they do. Ashley is the baking brawn and Kile is the graphic mastermind (check out their awesome website!) I read about them in Daily Candy and immediately called to set up a tasting.

Their tastings are $25 (and so worth it), although if you book with them, that $25 goes towards the cost of your cake. You get to choose 4 delicious cake combos, and let me tell you they have some INSANELY unique flavors! How often can you find lavender, margarita, or pistachio cake? Or if you have a special flavor request, they can accommodate at no extra charge! Check out my goodies:

IMG_4088 Clockwise from top left: Coffee cake with mocha mousse, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, champagne cake with strawberries and whipped cream, and green tea cake with green tea whipped cream and cream cheese frosting.

The winner? Green tea cake! I LOVE green tea ice cream, and I LOVE cake, so hands down my fave. Yeaaap, wipe that drool, hehe.

After the tasting, you get to talk about the design of the cake. That’s where Kile’s graphic design background comes into play – he comes up with “stencils”, which are essentially different mock-ups. He will work with you until the design is exactly as you imagine it to be! In my case, I requested an imaginary Eiffel Tower themed cake as my hubby and I got engaged there in 2006!


Go visit them at 2315 N. Damen. And better yet… pick up a cupcake for $1. Yes. ONE DOLLAR CUPCAKES! (only when you pick them up from the bakery case).