2011 Pantone Color of the Year

Hold the phones, the new 2011 Pantone color has been announced, and it is Honeysuckle! Aka, a gorgeous shade of vibrant reddish-pink… and if you’ve been to my website or blog (as I’m sure many of you have, since you’re reading this after all!), you know I love me some pink!


Strangely enough, I’ve had very few brides with vibrant pink color schemes over the past 3 years! So I’m glad it’s going to make a comeback… but please, NO more blush pink and brown!

For those of you unfamiliar with the term Pantone, “The Pantone Color Matching System is largely a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.” (via Wikipedia)

Here are the colors from recent years:


Are you having any pink in your color scheme, whether as a primary color or an accent color?


Unique Table Number Ideas for a Wedding

Don’t forget about your table numbers! If you do, you may end up with the venue’s standard fare, which may look something along the lines of this:

plain table number metal stand Source

While there is nothing wrong with these, they are just a bit… utilitarian. (But if your venue has nicer framed table numbers, then score!) TIP: The easiest thing to do is to use the venue’s existing holder, stand or frame, and then insert your own number that matches your color scheme.

One popular trend these days is to name your tables after locations, such as places you’ve been to as a couple, famous local landmarks, or perhaps even your favorite books or movies. But here’s another TIP: Also assign that table a number. That will make it SO much easier and faster for guests to find their table, and just as importantly, for your caterer and their wait staff to find their way around.

Paris theme table number sweetchic events Dennis Lee Photography

Here are other ways to still simply number your tables the old fashion way, but adding a unique twist to the display:

yellow white table number ikea frame Delbarr Moradi via SMP

image Sara France Photography Via The Bride’s Cafe

image 11-simple-DIY-centerpieces glass vessels tulips ferns
Via SMP and Snippet & Ink

image silhouette-table-number-4
Via Sixpence for Your Shoe and Ruffled

image Via Steve Koo Photography

image Via Ruffled

Have you given much thought to your table numbers? What do you plan to do?


Mightyvites = Traditional + Techy Wedding Invitations

I recently met with Chris and Stephanie, the awesome brother and sister team behind the new invitation site, Mightyvites… and it didn’t take me long to realize that this may be one of the coolest new concepts in wedding invitations. What exactly is so different about Mightyvites? They take the traditional printed invitation that we all know and love, and they add a customizable online RSVP that perfectly matches the printed piece, along with a guestlist manager. Here are some more details from their website:

What’s Included?

In Print:
– Invitations with copy crafted by you (with customizable color schemes)
– One set of enclosures with everything needed for your guest to RSVP online
Outer envelopes with digitally printed guest and return addresses (yup, we take care of that too!)

– Guest ability to create and change their RSVP
– Event information that you create and which your guests view
– Event choices that you create and which your guests respond to (including meal choices!!)
A guest list that you edit and later watch for RSVPs
– Email notification of guest RSVPs
Ability to import contacts to your guest list from Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, etc.

You Can Also Have:
– Additional enclosures for event details you want to keep offline
– Your invitations mailed to your guests via the United States Postal Service
– Use of your own domain name for online guest RSVPs   

You can choose from either flat printing or LETTERPRESS! And the fact that you can upload your guestlist and their addresses… and Mightyvites will actually PRINT all the addresses directly on the envelopes for you… brilliant!

Here are some of my favorite designs from their gallery:

I saw the letterpressed version of the Regalia and it was beayooootiful!

image image

Vintage Glee design and matching RSVP site

image image

Blossoms design

image image

The Urban

image image

I can’t even express how smitten I am with Mightyvites. Their prices are surprisingly reasonable, considering how they truly take so much of the painful legwork away from you in regards to managing your guestlist, addressing your envelopes, mailing them out for you (obviously you pay for shipping), tracking your RSVPs, and more! And for those of you worried about your less-tech-savvy guests, you have the ability to print a smaller amount of traditional RSVP cards… voila! Easy and Done!