Head Tables & Other Alternatives

One question I often get from my clients is where they should sit? And where should the Bridal Party sit? Here are some options:


The Bride and Groom have their own private “Sweetheart Table” together.
PROS:  They have some time to themselves to take in the day, actually enjoy their dinner, and then have the freedom to wander and visit guests. As for the Bridal Party, they can be dispersed amongst the guest tables and be seated with their dates and friends.
CONS:  It’s fun to sit with your Bridal Party! Some say, “We have our whole lives to be alone”.

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One trend I’m seeing is very small Bridal Parties (or NO Bridal Party!), so it can be wonderful for the Bride and Groom to sit with their immediate family!
PROS: If your family is close, then there’s probably no one you’d rather sit with on your wedding day!
CONS: Unless you don’t get along with your family, I’m not sure if there are really any “cons”!

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The most traditional style head table is the one-sided version, where it’s typically just the Bridal Party (no dates), and they sit along one side of a looooong rectangular table.
PROS: You get to sit with your Bridal Party, who most likely are some of your favorite people in the world!
CONS: This style of head table doesn’t usually allow for the dates of your Bridal Party to sit together. If most of your BP is single, then this is a great option!

Traditional Head Table layout Sweetchic Events

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This is my favorite because it is a more modern spin on the traditional head table shown above. You have your Bridal Party (and often their dates!) sitting with you, and the seats extend to the other side of the table, and sometimes the ends of the table. I like to leave the area in front of the Bride and Groom empty so that guests have a good view.
PROS: If most of your BP have significant others, they will probably like this option!
CONS: None, in my opinion!

Head Feasting Table layout Sweetchic Events


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