Meet Courtney, Sweetchic’s Newest Assistant!

A new year, a new Assistant to add to our Sweetchic team!! Courtney has been a tremendous to help me in the studio on a daily basis and she is going to be an amazing asset to our couples on their wedding day!

Courtney Sweetchic Events Assistant Small Photo by Hinojosa Photography

Hey there! My name is Courtney and I am proud to be the newest member of the Sweetchic team as Charlene’s assistant :)  I know there is no other place than Sweetchic Events for me to take the plunge into the wedding industry! Here’s a little bit about me….I’m currently a senior at Roosevelt University (I graduate May 4th! ) majoring in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Meeting and Event Planning. Where did my interest for weddings start? I’ve always had this love for weddings, meaning that I had my wedding (and my best friend’s wedding) planned for some time now. But growing up in a teeny town full of corn, corn, and more corn, I wasn’t able to see elaborate weddings and events. What I did see was that I was the only one in school who carried a day planner, I organized and re-organized things way too much, had an attention for detail, and I did have that creative bone in my body. It was my obsession for planning that led me to Roosevelt. I had taken several meeting planning classes, but it wasn’t until my Special Events class that I knew where I belonged. Seeing all the venues, the linens, flowers, food, and lighting…need I go on?

When I’m not at Sweetchic or slaving over homework you can find me: dancing, scrapbooking, Pinning, reading, watching sports, obsessing over something Twilight related, or relaxing with my boyfriend.

It’s already been a privilege assisting Charlene these past few weeks, and I’m super pumped for my first wedding day I’ll be able to assist on!



  1. Welcome and congrats Courtney! Have fun working with Charlene!

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