Meet Hollie, Sweetchic’s Newest Event Coordinator!

I am so excited to formally introduce Hollie, Sweetchic’s newest Event Coordinator! When we met, I was immediately taken by her charming, sweet nature, and knew that I had found the perfect addition to the Sweetchic team. I especially love how I can immediately pick her out of a crowd by her sweet mop of naturally curly hair! :)  I’ll let her introduce herself…and when you meet Hollie in person, you’ll love her too!

Hollie Sweetchic Intro

In my small hometown, the weddings are pretty much all the same: Ceremonies at the same churches, receptions at a local hall, forgettable decorations, and the same (not-so-great) food from one event to the next. You can only have the grilled-chicken-and-California-veggie-mix combo so many times before you start yawning between bites.

But growing up around these weddings, I never knew there was anything else. That is, until my friends started getting engaged. I was sucked right into a whole new world of wedding blogs, new vocabulary (FI, DOC, STD, PWC, anyone?) and oodles of delicious wedding inspiration everywhere I looked. I absolutely could not—and still can’t—get enough.

Since this huge, eye-opening discovery, my life has been forever changed. I’ve been a dedicated bridesmaid, a blogger, a coordinator for friends, and finally began working as Charlene’s assistant here at Sweetchic Events. Oh, and I also got engaged, which only added to my obsession and has made me a Planzilla…it’s much different than a Bridezilla, I can assure you.

My favorite wedding aspect hands-down are the unique touches that reflect each couple.
Whether it’s with a wall of mismatched, antique picture frames filled with memories, or a
symbolic song or photo prop, I am crazy in love with sweet little accents. And because
Charlene’s attention to detail is incredible, I am also crazy in love with working at Sweetchic
Events. What can I say? I’m a lucky gal!

When I’m not working at weddings or planning my own big day, I’m freelance writing, planning
themed parties, volunteering with the Chicago chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding, and scouring
yard sales and estate sales with my fiancé for the perfect wedding touches. Are you looking
for 100 random patterned plates and the perfect milk glass accents? I am so the girl for you.

— Hollie



  1. Welcome, Hollie! And congrats, Charlene on expanding!

  2. Congrats on being hired in the city – but small town weddings in the Illinois Valley have drastically changed when it comes to decorating and food choices for today’s couples. Everything available in the city is also available in small town USA if couples are willing to pay. People in the Illinois Valley expect large portions of good quality, recognizable food on their plate. Happy that you have the job of your dreams but lets not forget that brides are the same no matter where they are getting married and not everyone can afford the expensive receptions that are the norm in the city.


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